A group dedicated to Veterans.  I'm not a veteran.  I'm pretty sure other people can create groups but I'm not sure yet.
7 members
A group for gamers.
4 members
Share your music.
3 members
UFO Sightings
See a ufo no shit?  Tell about it here.  A great place for current ufo sightings or abductions.
1 members
A group vide chat for stoners!
1 members
Group Video Chat
The main group video chatroom.
1 members
Chicago Members
A place where all Chicago area members can connect.
1 members
Grand Rapids, MI
Where are You...?
1 members
Boston Members
for people in MA
1 members
Sioux Falls Members
Members in the Sioux Falls area
1 members
UK 420 Tribe
Tribe members that are in the UK
1 members