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Hi all. Looking for a mature lady who would enjoy a gentleman smoking buddy in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Come on now, dont be shy..., I know your out there, my weekdays are wide open for now.
When you do decide to hit me up, be ready to party, ;-) ;-)
Anyone in AZ hit me up! !!
BUDZ Jun 5
The old 420-dating site only had about a handful of Scandinavians, has anything changed? Or is 90% still Mericans? :)
StonerViking Jun 5 · Comments: 1
Whats up my weeps (weed people)!?!

Any texans here? Any in San Antonio TX, or Yellow Springs (dayton area), OH?

My Bohemian/Hippie handle/gamertag is Redchronicman.

Well fuck Whacha all want to talk about?

Wassup tribemates? I thought I'd use my lunch break to do a little freewriting in here. It's only a half hour, my break, which is TECHNICALLY enough time to smoke a bowl or two, but I'd rather not push it. I totally could if I wanted to. I work at an assembly plant, screwing and gluing things all day. It's not like I'd hurt myself or anyone else if I got a little too high and went back to work, but again, rather not push it.

Lunch was a ham-chicken-mustard-and-Pad Thai sandwich today. I assumed there would be utensils in the break room but there were not, so I had to heap my Pad Thai into my sand which to eat it. Not the worst thing I've ever had, though the mustard clashed a bit. I may try it again, just the Pad Thai on bread. Bet noooooo one's ever thought of that.

I'm very tired due to a lack of sleep that's entirely my brain's fault (not mine. I don't believe in total control of the brain). I was fantasizing about breaking to my Fundamentalist grandparents that I smoke weed by inviting them over and lighting up in front of them. The idea was so funny and titlating I couldn't stop going over it. They're so old and sheltered they don't even think of the police as something to be used on people like them (whites) so I know there'd be zero repercussion. Probably best not to push it though.

Well, only five minutes left to my break. I better go back in and fill my water bottle. It's hot in there. I'm told it's even HOTTER in the winter funnily; they crank the heat to compensate but always over do it. Sounds like American foreign policy LOL. Anyways, best of luck to everyone out there. Light a bowl for your boy stuck working.